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When selecting a reference of type SpawnBubble, nothing shows up

Assets Management


Steps to reproduce :

- open the project attached "New Unity Project 134"
- open the scene
- select s1 and go to the inspector
- in the S1 open the selector, select assets and notice that nothing appears

Explanation :
he object selector will not find components inside prefab assets. Doing so would not be scalable, as it would require loading all prefabs to see what kind of components they contain. You can only see objects in the current open scene or objects which are themselves assets. It is still possible to drag prefab instances into the object field, however, to create references to prefab components.

Comments (1)

  1. E326c69a3e2ced285b1fdeb808f6697c?d=mm


    Jun 10, 2015 22:47

    This is bad reasoning. A user's ability to find the object he wants also scales poorly. I have a reasonably sized project and scripts that load all things, and iterate over them. Sure, it takes time, but WAY, WAY less time than me having to find the things manually.

    We should have some option for doing this. A fairly simple option would be an attribute for components that allows it to be selected as such, and just indicates that the prefab is always loaded if that component is at a referencable level. This ensures that the functionality is opted into, and the chance if it causing any sort of issue even on the largest of projects is VERY remote. It will assuredly be a net win.

    Right now, with no ability to even supply selection list, I guess my only way of doing this is by some asset label hack that might work, but will likely be a bug spawner and certainly wicked clunky... or rebuild the entire object selection window... Surely these are not the solutions UT expects people to use.

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