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[WebGL][Mouse] The Y axis for the mouse coordinate system is reversed.



Compare to how the mouse works on other platform and the old input on WebGL, the Y axis for mouse input is reversed from the other coordinates.
The effects of this issue are:
- the zero point is the top of the screen, instead of the bottom
- Scroll and movement direction is reversed

1. Download package and project at:
2. Use Input test project (Assets -> QA -> Input_Test -> Scenes)
3. (Optional) Enter Playmode to see how the mouse coordinate works
4. Build and launch WebGL player, and observe the mouse position, scroll, delta value change as it moves around.

Actual: The Y Axis on WebGL for mouse coordinate is reversed.

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  1. NickWinters

    Aug 20, 2020 02:41

    I'm still getting this problem in 2020.1.1f1

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