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[WebGL] Chrome/Safari/Edge itself reacts to arrow keys even WebGL content is active



-what happened: Inconsistent behaviour between Chrome/Safari/Edge and Firefox when pressing Up/Down/left/right arrow keys. When there is a scroll bar the sphere object will move up/down when pressing Up/Down arrow keys, however, in Chrome/safari/Edge that will also make the webpage scroll.

Chrome/Safari/Edge: Up/Down/left/right arrow keypresses are handled by both Unity and browser
Firefox: Up/Down/left/right arrow keypresses are only handled by Unity

--Build and Run for WebGL (see new attached move script)
--resize browser so you have the content tab with a horizontal and/or vertical scroll bar
--press up/down/left/right keys
--NOTICE when running in Chrome/Safari/Edge the sphere and the page itself move up and down

There is also a forum thread here:

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  1. pdenton

    Dec 13, 2015 20:18

    This issue is still present in WebGL builds done in Unity 5.3.0.

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