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[D3D12] Wrong aspect ratio in fullscreen of Standalone build when selected screen resolution is not native



To reproduce:
1. Open any project
2. Change Graphics API to DirectX 12 or Vulkan
3. Build and Run on standalone
4. While in launch dialog, set resolution to something that's non-native to your monitor
5. Press Play and observe the context window

Expected: application is rendered in set resolution
Actual: application is rendered in stretched to match monitor's resolution

Reproduced in: 2017.4.23f1, 2018.3.9f1, 2019.1.0b7, 2019.2.0a8

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  1. asiameduza

    Apr 26, 2022 16:55

    It does not seem fixed, I just reproduced it with Unity version 2020.3.30f1

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