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[VT] Errors after directly editing virtualTexturingSupportEnabled in ProjectSettings.asset

Virtual Texturing


1. Open HDRP project (like new HDRP template)
2. In project settings, other settings: toggle Virtual Texturing* = on
3. file > save project
4. In a text editor, open ProjectSettings/ProjectSettings.asset and change virtualTexturingSupportEnabled = 0
5. save ProjectSettings.asset
6. Go back to the editor

Expected: editor asks to restart to apply changed Project Settings (and enable Virtual Texturing)
Actual: UI is broken (not showing the dropdown for cache setting overrides), error spams console, rendering is broken

Repro: HDRP 10.0.0 + Unity 2020.2.0a19

- at time of writing, this bug is unreleased (assume it will land in HDRP 10.0.0)
- this bug may occur for users who change their ProjectSettings.asset with git (for example, git checkout does the same thing as step 4)

Error example:
InvalidOperationException: Virtual Texturing is not enabled in the player settings

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.1):

    fixed in 2021.1.0a6 with HDRP 10.1.0

    Now, if you modify the project settings directly on disk with Unity editor open to toggle Virtual Texturing support, Unity will present a dialog to restart the editor.
    If there are unsaved changes, Unity will prompt you to save or discard before it restarts.

    - There is no cancel button because the setting change was made outside of Unity and is already persistent on disk.
    - The restart dialog will appear when opening the editor, if the setting was changed on disk while Unity editor was closed.

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