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[VR] VR doesn't work with the OpenGL Core renderer



The console prints out:
Cannot start with unsupported graphics API.
Bad config or LibOVR not found. VR disabled.
Oculus HMD not present. VRSettings.enabled set to false.

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  1. 75eab2445ef236e05915a6b54d5654fd?d=mm


    Apr 12, 2016 13:47

    The vrmode command line option should affect the creation of a 3D window. If I build the player with stereoscopic support (and don't show the configuration dialog), a 3D window is created even for VR modes that don't support it. For instance, I can request split and it creates a window that alternates frames with a blank buffer.

  2. 75eab2445ef236e05915a6b54d5654fd?d=mm


    Apr 12, 2016 13:38

    This case was closed as a duplicate issue. I'm not sure it's the same issue

    I have since confirmed a couple things.
    On 5.3.4, stereoscopic rendering works in some cases if built by a Pro version of Unity.
    On 5.3.3, stereoscopic rendering works on dual camera setups (with Eye Target set), and single camera setups using the SetStereoViewMatrices and SetStereoProjectionMatrices in the Camera API; AND -vrmode stereo is supplied on the command line. [Stereo3D must be enabled]
    A single camera with eye separation and convergence does not work (regardless of Stereo3D and vrmode settings).

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