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[VR] The effect of render viewport scale is greater when using single pass stereo



Setting the render scale to 0.35 with single pass on results in a far 'granier' image than when setting the render scale to 0.35 with single pass off.

With the attached project:
1) Ensure VR Mode is supported
2) Ensure SDK is added to list (issue will reproduce on all SDKs)
3) Click on the main camera object in the Hierarchy
4) Ensure the VR Render Settings Script has the Render Viewport Scale set to 0.322 (or something around there)
5) Enter Playmode
6) Note the resolution of the screen in the headset (or game view if using SplitStereoView)

7) Exit playmode
8) Enable Single Pass stereo
9) Enter playmode
10) Observe the resolution is much lower

This is a regression because it does not occur in 5.5b9

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