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VFXs reimport when entering play mode if a Render Texture of dimension 'Cube' is selected

Package: Visual Effect Graph


Repro steps:
1. Open any VFX-enabled project which has some VFX assets in the Project window.
2. Create a new Render Texture in the Project window.
3. Select the Render Texture and change its dimension to 'Cube'
4. While still having the RT selected, enter play mode
5. Observe the VFX assets in the project get recompiled.

Expected outcome:
- The VFX assets to not get recompiled

- Does not happen if the RT is set to a different dimension than 'Cube'
- Does not happen if the RT is set to 'cube', but is not selected
- Does not happen in 2020.3.12f1 / 10.5

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