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[VFX Graph] Overrides stored in prefabs get disabled when using prefabs in scenes (making new overrides, even when reverting)

Package: Visual Effect Graph


1 - Unzip and include the attached file
2. Drag EffectPrefab in a new scene
3. Observe how it looks
4. Open the prefab and change some values
5. Observe how the prefab in the scene does not change.

Expected outcome:
- prefab changes to propagate to all scene instances

- Looks like by just dragging a prefab VFX, the overrides show that VFX Renderer was already changed (a material was added), so possibly it doesn't apply the prefab changes because it considers the scene instance already modified by default.
- Reverting values in the Overrides drop-down menu doesn't seem to do anything. Expected it to discard the changes and apply whatever the new prefab values are.

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