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[VCS] VFX Assets check out .meta only in its Inspector

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How to reproduce:
1. Create a new HDRP project in your preferred workspace and open it
2. Connect the project to Perforce
3. Create a new VFX Graph and submit it
4. Inspect the newly created graph (Notice that there's a "Check out meta" button)
5. Press the button and observe that the graph's settings have not been unlocked for editing

Expected result: vfx graphs have normal "Checkout" button instead of the "Check out meta" button
Actual result: vfx graphs have the "Check out meta" button which is not enough to edit the asset's properties

Reproduced in: 2020.1.0a22, 2020.1.0a9
Not reproducible in: 2020.1.0a8, 2019.3.1f1

Note: Shadergraphs similarly only check out the .meta file but its properties are unlocked with just the .meta checked out, unlike the VFX properties that do not.

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