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[VCS] Provider operations should allow working on files outside of project

Version Control


VersionControl.Provider operations (checkout, add, ...) today only work on paths that are known to the asset database & are versioned.

In large productions, it's very common to have more than "just the unity project" in the source control. And they probably want to build some in-editor tooling that would allow their content creators to interact with the assets source files from within Unity: Opening source files, checking them out, etc. Would be nice if Provider APIs would handle paths outside of project.

  1. Resolution Note:

    Based on team resourcing, available workarounds (using the VCS client external to Unity), and the age of the request, we are not going to deliver this feature.

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  1. thinkappleseven

    Apr 11, 2021 08:59

    I would like to access files on a Windows system and operate on them with a Python program. How can I do that? That would make the course even more useful to me. I have the IDLE Python 2.7.9 GUI on my Windows machine.

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