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[UWP] TouchScreenKeyboard shows word suggestions for Password and other 'secure' input fields

The Windows OnScreenKeyboard typically shows word suggestions as you enter in characters along the top bar of Keyboard UI. However, for "Password" or other input fields that hold sensitive information, it shouldn't show these suggestions. Currently though, when entering text into a Unity InputField or TextMeshPro with a Password context, word suggestions will still appear and can even display the password string itself.

1. Open the attached Unity project
2. Build for UWP and run the app
3. Click on the top InputField, which has a "general" context
4. *Open the Windows Soft Keyboard and start entering in characters/words
5. Notice word suggestions will appear in the top bar as you type
6. Click on the bottom InputField, which has a "password" context
7. *Again open the Windows Soft Keyboard and enter in characters

Expected: The word suggestion will NOT appear when entering text into the bottom InputField
Actual: Word suggestion do appear, which might include the Password string itself

*Enable the Keyboard icon by right-clicking the Taskbar and enable "Show touch keyboard button" option. Simply click this icon (after focusing a given InputField) to display the Soft Keyboard and enter text.

NOTE: Due to some other issues with Windows Soft keyboard currently being fixed, word suggestions may not appear or briefly flicker on before disappearing. If this happens, enter some characters and then backspace over them; word suggestions will appear once the InputField is empty again.

This issue was first raised as a MRTK Issue:, but it applies to all UWP apps and not just HoloLens.

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  1. vlad_librestream

    Mar 29, 2021 15:36

    We need to fix it asap since it's a serious privacy breach in the MRTK keyboard.

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