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[UWP] Player is not deployed correctly through "Build and Run" and causes BuildFailedException: Deployment failed.

When choose to Build And Run for UWP build, the final Player has trouble to launch correctly.
The window flickers in and out several times, then completely shuts down. And the Editor shows BuildFailedException.
However, it seems the UWP package is correctly built. The deploy is the only step failed.

1. Use the Empty project attached or create a new one
2. Change build platform to UWP
3. Choose Build And Run, then pick a folder for it to build in.
4. Wait for a long time for it to finish building and observe the result.

5. Open the Start menu and observe the newly deployed UWP Player
6. Go to folder:[BuildFolder] -> AppPakcages -> [ProjectName] -> [Project]_1.0.0.0_[x64/x86]_[Debug/Release/Master]
7. Right click on the file: Add-AppDevPackage.ps1
8. Choose "Run with Powershell"
9. Confirm you want to install the package when asked
10. Once installation is finished, open Start menu and observe the Player deployed.

Expected: The UWP player can deploy and launch when the user chooses to Build and Run

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