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[Hololens] NetworkDiscovery as Client on Hololens does not receive NetworkEvents

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Open the Assets/scene.unity scene
3. Switch platform to Windows Store
4. Build for WSA Universal 10 SDK
5. Play the scene
6. Initialize NetworkDiscovery and Start Broadcasting
7. Run the built app on remote device(Hololens)
8. Initialize NetworkDiscovery and then Listen to Broadcasts
9. Observe, no NetworkEvents are received

Expected result: NetworkEvents should be recieved
Actual result: Hololens does not receive NetworkEvents

Reproduced with: 5.6.3p4, 2017.1.1p4, 2017.2.0f2, 2017.3.0b3, 2018.1.0a3

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    Resolution Note:

    This is an unfortunate limitation in UWP apps that Microsoft imposes on us. We cannot fix it. See this:

    "Further, a Windows Runtime app can use an IP loopback only as the target address for a client network request. So a Windows Runtime app that uses a DatagramSocket or StreamSocketListener to listen on an IP loopback address is prevented from receiving any incoming packets."

    I verified when running the app on 2 different devices (PC and HoloLens) both devices were able to see each other's network requests.

    Note: if this doesn't work it's likely a networking or firewall configuration problem and not an issue with Unity or the networking API.

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