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[UWP][Keyboard] onInputText does not work.

Package: Input System


The onInputText does not show the text input on UWP. It happens to both physical keyboard and on screen one.

1. Download input test project:
2. Build and launch UWP player from attached project
3. Observe the onInputText section of the project.

Expected: The onInputText shows the correct result from keyboard input.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 0.0.10-preview):

    The issue caused by UWP behavior in which the CharacterReceived Window event, which dispatches the UTF-32 character to NewInput, isn't fired if the AcceleratorKeyDown event is "handled". This bug also occurs in 2018.3 and isn't related to my IME feature work, and so I've opened a backport case for it.

    I'm uncertain how I missed this bug because I though I verified characters were dispatched before.

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