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[URP] Errors are spammed after entering Play mode in SunFlare scene and navigating the Project View

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Universal


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Open "SunFlare" scene
3. Enter and exit Play mode
4. Go through the folders and assets in Project view "URP Package Samples" directory

Expected result: No errors are produced
Actual result:
These errors are produced:
"[Worker0] Attempting to get Camera relative temporary RenderTexture (width || height <= 0) via a CommandBuffer in a Sriptable Render Pipeline."
"[Worker0] Trying to get RenderBuffer with invalid antiAliasing (must be at least 1)" (on 2021.2)
"[Worker2] Texture creation failed. 'None' is not supported for Render usage on this platform. Use 'SystemInfo.IsFormatSupported' C# API to check format support."
"[Worker2] NullReferenceException" (on 2022.1.0b2 and 2022.2.0a2)

Reproducible with: Universal RP 12.0.0 (2021.2.0b2, 2021.2.0b9), 12.1.2 (2021.2.7f1), 12.1.3 (2021.2.8f1), 14.0.1 (2022.2.0a8), 13.1.3 (2022.1.0b2)
Not reproducible with: Universal RP 12.0.0 (2021.2.0b1)

- Seems like the provided steps is not the only way to trigger these errors, as I've got them while in Play mode and usually while interacting with the editor, like searching for something in the Project View search bar

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 14.0.2):

    URP 14.0.2 is available from 2022.2.0a9 and onwards

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