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[URP] CommandBuffer: built-in render texture type 3 not found while executing warning is thrown when Game view is open and OpenGL is used



*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Create a new URP 3D template project

2. Focus the Game view

3. Observe the Console

*Actual results:* CommandBuffer warning is thrown

*Expected results:* No errors or warnings are thrown

*Reproducible with versions:* 2023.3. 0a18, 6000.0.8f1

*Not reproducible with versions:* 2021.3.39f1, 2022.3.34f1, 2023.3.0a17

*Tested on (OS):* Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 24.04

* The issue does not reproduce when Vulkan API is used
* The issue does not reproduce when using a built-in pipeline
* Full warning:
** CommandBuffer: built-in render texture type 3 not found while executing  (SetRenderTarget depth buffer)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

Comments (2)

  1. toddw

    Jul 18, 2024 08:18

    Just realized 2023.3.0a17 is an alpha, that's why we're still stuck on 2023.2.20f1.

  2. toddw

    Jul 18, 2024 08:15

    My users are getting a crash with this error in their log of my demo built on 2023.2.20f1. Where is 2023.3.0a17, it's not available in the download archive?? I can't upgrade to Unity 6 because the editor crashes immediately upon open after upgrade. This started happening on Unity 6000.0.7f1 and is still happening in 6000.0.10f1.

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