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Scene is not being unloaded in Awake using SceneManager.UnloadScene

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Steps to reproduce:

1. Download and import attached project.
2. Drag and drop "SceneA" and "SceneB" into a hierarchy view.
3. Select "SceneA" and press play.
4. Notice that both scenes are still loaded into Hierarchy view.

Expected result: SceneB should be unloaded when started.
Actual result: SceneB is not being unloaded.

Reproduced on: 5.4.0a4, 5.3.0f3, 5.3.0f2, 5.3.0f1

Comments (2)

  1. Zendist

    Nov 09, 2016 09:40

    The status says By Design, but I could not find a reasoning for it in the documentation. Where is this design choice stated?

  2. kjuanlu

    Dec 21, 2015 11:30

    SceneManager.sceneCount and SceneManager.GetAllScenes() don't not work as expected in Awake().

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