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Unity won't open when wireless adapter is disabled in Windows Device Manager although internet is coming from wired connection



How to reproduce:
1. Open Windows Device Manager
2. In the network adapters tab select Wireless Adapter and disable it
3. Open the attached project ""

Expected result: project opens normally or shows some kind of error
Actual result: project does not open

Reproducible with: 2019.3.9f1, 2018.4.20f1, 2017.4.39f1
Not reproducible with: 2020.2.0a5, 2020.1.0b4

Note: creating a new project opens it, but once closed it will not open again. Also, newly created project launches in Unity with personal license, part of the log file is below:
LICENSE SYSTEM [202042 12:27:57] Next license update check is after 2020-04-03T06:02:06

Built from '2019.3/staging' branch; Version is '2019.3.9f1 (658902c1d9e3) revision 6654210'; Using compiler version '191627012'
OS: 'Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit' Language: 'en' Physical Memory: 16269 MB
[Licensing::Module] License is not active (com.unity.editor.ui). HasEntitlements will fail.
BatchMode: 0, IsHumanControllingUs: 1, StartBugReporterOnCrash: 1, Is64bit: 1, IsPro: 0
No valid Unity Editor license found. Please activate your license.
[Package Manager] Server::Start -- Port 62050 was selected

- this is also in the logs when the project does not open

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    Resolution Note:

    Fixed in Hub 2.3.1

Comments (4)

  1. 0796ad749b47dd2b48c8694e7cd322d1?d=mm


    Sep 08, 2021 18:55

    Not fixed! Submitted another bug about this. My onboard Wi-Fi has failed. I cannot open Unity. I have tried reinstalling multiple times multiple versions. Cleared every trace of Unity and re-installed from scratch somehow not having Wi-Fi means Unity doesn't open. Even though I have a perfectly fine wired connection to my router.

  2. 81ee75ab835c016671498c60cd5d3540?d=mm


    Jul 08, 2020 10:50

    I have the opposite problem, Unity Hub 2.3.2 and Unity 2019.4.1f1 - Wireless connection is internet connection, wired connection is an internal network - when wired connection is disabled in Windows, Unity won't load a project...

  3. C59ffe9f652e1e8e0713fc926130615b?d=mm


    May 24, 2020 07:16

    This error is still happening on Unity Hub 2.3.1.
    If WIFI adapter is disabled but wired connection is enabled, Unity editor doesn't start.
    But when I turned on WIFI adapter enabled, Unity editor runs well.

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