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'Unity scene is invalid' error when Hinge Joint connected anchor is being Auto Configured



The following error is displayed when "Auto Configure Connected Anchor" is enabled on a hinge joint within a prefab:

ArgumentException: Cannot get physics scene; Unity scene is invalid.

To Reproduce (With provided project):
1) Download attached project
2) Open Assets/Scenes/SampleScene.unity
3) Select the "Prefab" GameObject in the Hierarchy
4) Select Prefab Overrides
5) Select the Hinge Joint Override

The Override preview will not display any information due to an error futher up. The Callstack will be thrown out on the console.

To Reproduce (From scratch):
1) Create an Empty GameObject with two children
2) Attach a hinge joint and a rigidbody component to one child
3) Attach a rigidbody component to the other child
4) Set the hinge joints' "Connected body" field to the rigidbody on its sibling
5) Drag the root gameobject into the project view to create a prefab
6) In the hierarchy, move either child object two distinct (separate) times (using all axis)
7) Press Ctrl+Z / CMD+Z to undo ONCE
8) View the hinge component, Connected Anchor should be highlighted white (indicating a change)
9) On the root object, open prefab overrides and select the Hinge Joint

As before, no override data should be visible due to an error. The callstack will be visible in the console.

Tested 2019.1.0a11 & 2018.3.0b11- seems to have always been broken.

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  1. Gdizzie

    Sep 25, 2019 14:58

    Got the same bug in 2019.2.6f1 using a Configurable Joint. It only throws the error when my mouse moves over the inspector tab while the prefab is selected in the project.

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