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Unity goes into infinite memory consuming loop with "too" heavy UI



Steps to reproduce:
1. Download project from (ownCloud)

2. Download save files from (Fogbugz)
3. Unzip the save files to:
(WIN) C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\REBORN\Urban Empire\Save (make the savefolder if neeeded)
(OSX) /Users/Ricardo/Library/Application Support/REBORN/Urban Empire/Save (make the savefolder if neeeded)
4. Open the project in Unity
5. Open scene "main_menu"
6. Start a new game
7. Wait till the game loads
8. Press "Escape" to open the Menu
9. Select "Load Game"
10. Click "X" in the right top corner

Result: editor hangs, RAM usage keeps building up, eventually the editor crashes

Reproduced on 5.4.2f1, 5.4.2p3

Note: the user notes that "simply by changing the hierarchy so that the load/save dialog pops up couple of parents upwards in hierarchy makes the hang go away", I was not able to reproduce this

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