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Unity freezes after entering the play mode for the 2nd or 3rd time



Reproduced in Windows 8. Not reproduced on Mac.

Reproduced with:
Version 4.3.4f1 (e444f76e01cd)

Comments (4)

  1. JohnJ

    Sep 08, 2015 10:19

    I have also seen this issue. I am running Version 5.1.2 on Windows 8 64-bit.

  2. Rorin

    Feb 10, 2014 17:01

    I also have this issue !. I have just 1 script attached to my main camera and when I hit play Unity FREEZES completely! I uninstalled it and installed Unity twice but that doesn't work.... please fix :( I have just 5 elements in my hierarchy.

  3. psychoj8

    Feb 07, 2014 03:45

    I also have this issue and I'm also running on Version 4.3.4f1 on Windows 7 64 bit. I only have a dozens script a few prefabs in my project; no antivirus or backup programs are running.

    After the second time I enter play mode, the delay before it actually enter the play mode start to get way longer than the first time and the third time it just never enter play mode, whoever how long I wait; Unity completly freeze. Also and these time even though I applied the modification done on the prefab and saved my scene, I still lost the last few minutes of modifications made.

  4. darianwiccan

    Feb 03, 2014 10:04

    I have also seen this issue. I am running Version 4.3.4f1 on Windows 7 64-bit.

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