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Fixed in Unity 2017.3.0f3



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Unity crashes when debugging using .NET 4.6




Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 1Crash or major loss of functionality

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download project and open
2. Set up a breakpoint in GrowingState.cs at line 30
3. Attach to Unity and press play
4. Press one of the white squares wait a bit and repeat this step two more times
5. When breakpoint triggers step into it

Results: editor crashes when stepping into line 31. Doesn't reproduce when using .NET 3.5

Note: .NET 4.6 was introduced in 2017.1, 2017.2

Reproduced with: 2017.3.0a7 2017.2.0b2, 2017.1.0f3

Comments (8)

  1. F44a4771ed89e91ea24c7695f9c77ca1?d=mm


    Apr 10, 2018 16:51

    Fixed in unity 2017.3? You're kidding right?

    I get unity editor crashes intermediately, when Visual Studio is stopped at a breakpoints and I hover my mouse cursor over a variable at the break point.

    I have re-sharper installed and have turned off all re-sharper debugging integration, which I was told by Unity support to do, but the crash still happens.

    When it DOES happen, I have to delete ALL Visual Studio files within the unity project folder and the "assetDatabase3" file, within the project library file, before I can get Visual Studio working again. If I do not do this, as soon as I land on ANY break-point... Unity crashes!

  2. 9ccbf8c49810b1d4c117f8768876fc6c?d=mm


    Feb 12, 2018 17:20

    It works a little bit better for me. I can connect the debugger, run unity, and it will hit most of my breakpoints. If I leave the debugger connected, I can work for quite a while before it crashes. If I stop the debugger, Unity will freeze every time.

    I have seen this behavior consistently across a few different projects. Is this a Unity problem, or a VSCode problem?

    Visual Studio was working perfectly with the debugger.... until it decided it didn't want to start at all on my Mac.

  3. 639f45a47618cbc5771c17ad443b1c52?d=mm


    Jan 26, 2018 12:26

    Unity 2017.3.0f3 with .NET 4.6 and vs2017 15.5.5 = crash when debug breakpoint is hit

  4. 5784d38be885d6bf6a94aab1103bd136?d=mm


    Nov 08, 2017 20:45

    Unity still crashes with VS - version 15.4.3. I can step through a few lines of code, then unity and vs stop working.

  5. D7b6d49aa47ef08160acb15ed367d776?d=mm


    Aug 27, 2017 01:35

    EDIT 15.4 preview build only partly resolves the issue, I can see that the debugger attaches properly and will break in some code. However, the instant I call into an external library, Unity crashes.

  6. D7b6d49aa47ef08160acb15ed367d776?d=mm


    Aug 27, 2017 00:38


    Updating to Visual Studio 15.4 preview build resolves this issue.

  7. D7b6d49aa47ef08160acb15ed367d776?d=mm


    Aug 22, 2017 01:03

    Attempted to use VS2015 with VS tools for unity. Attempted steps:

    1) Attach to Unity
    2) Set breakpoint
    3) Run game
    Result: Breakpoint is never hit

    1) Attach to Unity
    2) Run game
    3) Set breakpoint
    Result: Unity Editor crashes when breakpoint is hit.

    So it seems to matter when you put the breakpoint.

  8. D7b6d49aa47ef08160acb15ed367d776?d=mm


    Aug 21, 2017 15:03

    I have this as well. 100% consistent silent unity crash when using VS2017 and hitting a breakpoint.

    There is a dupe of this here:

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