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Unity 5.1.1 broke Input.GetKey for Linux standalone



-e: seems like the keys are never released

--import attached scene
--play in editor
--press up or down key
--notice it is shown on the top left what is pressed
--build and run Linux standalone
--press down or up arrow key
--NOTICE that key is seems stuck

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  1. 7df9c52f8d03065e5e752f504cde80f6?d=mm


    Jul 03, 2015 03:15

    Here is the error from the "patch" sent to facepunch for rust.

    Importing game controller configs
    Invalid serialized file version. File: "/Steam/steamapps/common/Rust/rust_Data/mainData". Expected version: 5.1.1f1. Actual version: 5.1.1p2.

    Don't know if that helps but there you go.

  2. 16ea6c63ce6842ade7316e95956ea422?d=mm


    Jul 03, 2015 00:18

    +1 SP3CTER also

    The thing gamedevs need to think about is that, most likely, the GAMING community is more Linux heavy than the everyday user desktop community. Most of our aging population (in the US) just use Windows for the Internet, but they don't game at all. I wonder if there are any stats on that...

  3. 7df9c52f8d03065e5e752f504cde80f6?d=mm


    Jul 02, 2015 16:41

    Look, I get it, Linux is not NEARLY as popular as windows. But honestly, you guys and gals are doing a good thing here with supporting us. I'm VERY happy to see more engines supporting Linux native! That being said, Linux is never going to be the money maker windows is if you don't give it's users the same level of respect. This patch would never have gone through on the windows branch. But it seems that the Linux QA is lacking at unity, and that is something you all may want to improve if you want this community behind you.

  4. 16ea6c63ce6842ade7316e95956ea422?d=mm


    Jul 02, 2015 00:20

    +1 Baronbeartooth

    Cities:Skylines is broken too, I'm guessing this probably effects every Unity Linux game. What the hell, can we do say, perhaps FIVE minutes of testing on Linux before a release? Is that really too much to ask?

    Shameful! Unity devs should be embarrassed--we're not expecting top notch priority here, but now we all know that exactly ZERO testing gets done for Linux (some automated tests--if they even exist--don't count if it missed something so obvious... and a regression, at that). I guess I know where to steer my next Linux software projects-- away from Unity, for sure.

  5. 916ffbb1cd00d10f5de27ef4f9846390?d=mm


    Jun 30, 2015 03:33

    This issue has been identified and resolved internally at Unity. A patch will be landing soon.

  6. 82dacd1f610e7ebff7a66217fe70dc7d?d=mm


    Jun 29, 2015 21:08

    Resolved voting disabled? Absolutely unresolved for paying customers who are being mistreated due to your negligence. I created an account with you in order to vote for this; not cool to realize after the fact that my concerns cannot be reflected on your spreadsheets. Damned near every Linux gamer cannot play Rust without this fix, not to mention other Linux games that might be using your software. I bought Rust in April 2014 and it had this same problem. I am very unhappy about feeling like a second-class citizen when it comes to known Linux platform issues; especially, when my money is treated the same during purchase. Please escalate. 29 June 2015

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