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UnassignedReferenceExeptions with unitypackage when upgrading to 2021.1.2f1

Scene Management


Reproduction steps:
1. Create a project in version 2020.2.3f1
2. Import the UnassignedReferenceExeptions_Clean.unitypackage
3. Open scene "Update_2021_UnassignedReferenceExeptions" and observe that there are no missing references in prefab instances: "hens_and_chicks_06_0" and "AreaMagicHitController" (see attached screenshots with green arrows AAA.png and BBB.png).
4. Then upgrade the project to version 2020.3.3f1 (or to 2021.1.2f1) and observe that now there are missing references (see attached screenshots with red arrows CCC.png, DDD.png, EEE.png).

Expected behavior: no missing references.
Actual behavior: presence of missing references.

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