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Unable to remove the Ludiq folder from the project

Package: Visual Scripting


When you try to remove the Ludiq folder from the project a cannot delete pop up appears. 

You need to click ok to continue. Notice that the asset database rebuilds, all the Ludiq folders are removed apart from Ludiq.Core, Ludiq.graph. Console compile errors now fill the console. 

Unable to use the project, unable to remove Bolt you're kinda stuck. 


Steps to reproduce
* Create a new Unity project in 2020.1.4f1
* Add and import the Bolt RC 1.4.13
* Try to remove the Ludiq folder
Notice issue >> Pop up appears. Unable to delete the folder. After an asset database rebuild, you'll see some folders under Ludiq have been deleted. Numerous compile errors in the console, mostly about missing Bolt files.

Tested broken: Bolt 1.4.13RC, 2020.1.4f1, 2018.4.26f1 Windows

  1. Resolution Note:

    On windows is a Dll problem, and It was agreed that the workaround to this issue is that the user should manually delete the folder from the explorer with the editor closed.

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