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UI Toolkit's MinMaxSlider snaps unexpectedly in Runtime



How to reproduce:
# Open the attached project
# Enter Play Mode in Device Simulator
# Try to drag the handles by clicking slightly outside the handle
# Observe the slider snap to the mouse position.
# Observe the right slider handle is offset compared to the end of the slider.
# Open MinMaxSliderTestDocument in the UI Builder and see there is no way to define a larger drag zone without changing the style of the handle too.
# There is also no way to only accept drags on handles, or vice versa.

Expected Result:
Users can restyle the MinMaxSlider without affecting its behavior. The knob visuals is decoupled from the input area.
There is a way to make the MinMaxSlider only accept drags coming from handles.

Actual Result:
The MinMaxSlider requires styles to be in a certain format to work properly. The knob defines the size of the draggable area, causing snapping most of the time on mobile.
No way for the MinMaxSlider to only accept handle dragging.

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