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[UI:InputField][Lollipop]Inputfield doesn't work properly when turned to Landscape



If you turn your screen to Landscape on a Lollipop device and open keyboard from InputField, it does not work - if you click above keyboard, keyboard does not close; if you click anywhere on keyboard, it closes immeadiately without typing

Keyboard works normally in portrait mode

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  1. 4b17a7f59167ec035960051ac360bf06?d=mm


    Nov 16, 2016 22:46

    Please re-open this issue, it is very important to me

  2. Cd035da94bc58dc252a28fa57d8ab058?d=mm


    Aug 29, 2016 09:50

    hide mobile input can't work(Unity5.4.0f3).

  3. 76e4b41e7cad5938983e74d15c25fa53?d=mm


    Jul 17, 2015 20:07

    can Unity revaluate the "hide mobile input" decision? Mobile phones have small screens and the mobile keyboard having redundant information on the small screen is rough. The user selects an input field and starts typing. The field gets populated with the text input, why have redundant text also at the top of the soft keyboard on a small screen? Add the auto correct and most of the screen is covered by the soft keyboard.

    I have a Android plugin in my project. Is there any way to change the keyboard type natively in Android? Maybe access in com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayer in the plugin?

    For my application the non-hidden input will only take up space and confuse the user. I'm going to be highlighting, animating, and all kinds of other stuff to the input text. The non-hidden input will only be confusing to the user, look bad and take up space I'll need for other inputs.

    Unity please reconsider putting "hide input text" back in. Please.

  4. E867a8572cbbea701fc2f0c2b1f5b7da?d=mm


    May 29, 2015 22:42

    if you are not supporting a functionality, take some time to update your documentation please. It could save both you and a whole community of people quite a bit of time.

  5. 86c27b37a66246893b4faa520a89a88d?d=mm


    Apr 24, 2015 04:24

    "hide mobile input" settings are invalid in unity5.

  6. 081f28ccf55646e6fe54c9c2aa890aca?d=mm


    Apr 14, 2015 12:05

    I would suggest to stick to non-hidden input as this is the only option supported in Unity 5.0+.
    Improved non-hidden input field is on its way to 5.1 and 5.0 patch release, I will also backport it to 4.6 soon.

  7. 90262bc998486223307e182b0b2dcf83?d=mm


    Apr 10, 2015 13:12

    It should also be pointed out that the input field box has an orange border which suggests it is being forced to use an old Gingerbread UI theme, i.e. it is not using a Lollipop theme which Google frown upon if you are hoping to get featured.

  8. 221fd2df878fc2ecd8ab5a675c630ba0?d=mm


    Apr 09, 2015 19:47

    This is also happening on Motorola Moto G (2nd edition / lolipop) and Moto X (1st edition, kitkat).

  9. Fac8538a3f4dc91ca660c88978283d2d?d=mm


    Mar 04, 2015 01:31

    One more bit of info: it only happens when "hide mobile input" is checked. That's the only workaround I've found is to keep that setting off. Ugly but at least it works.


  10. Fac8538a3f4dc91ca660c88978283d2d?d=mm


    Mar 03, 2015 23:58

    This is happening on 4.4.3 as well as 5.0, but on any OS version it is only happening on certain phones for me. The ones I've found so far: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Droid Mini.

    It happens using NGUI and the new Unity 4.6 GUI.

    For apps that are only landscape - this is devastating as there is no workaround that I can find.

    It looks like whatever is calculating the area is inverting it in landscape... but as I mentioned, only on certain phones.

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