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[UI][HDRP] Incorrect message in the mixed lighting mode infobox



Steps to repro:
1. Create the new HDRP project;
2. Open the 'SampleScene' scene;
3. In the Lighting window under the Mixed lighting foldout select 'Shadowmask' option in the Lighting Mode dropdown;
4. Observe the message in the infobox under the Lighting Mode field of the Lighting window.

Actual result:
The message in the infobox states that the Shadowmask mode could be set in the Quality Settings panel.

Expected result:
The message in the infobox should state that the Shadowmask mode should be configured per-light in the Light Inspector.

- Reproducible in 2020.2.0a10;
- The ability to set the shadowmask mode in the Quality settings has been removed in HDRP with the fix of the case 1232011. The fix will be available for 2020.2 and 2020.1 versions.

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