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UI Element's position changes after entering and exiting Play Mode

Inspector Functionality


UI Element's Position Y doesn't reset properly after entering and exiting Play Mode.

Note: Possible workaround is to save "Panel" as a Prefab.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Import attached project "Viewport5" into Unity Editor.
2. Open "options" scene.
3. Make sure "Content" Position Y value is set to 0 in Inspector . (Canvas -> Panel -> Scroll View -> Viewport -> Content)
4. Enter Play Mode.
5. Select "Content" in hierarchy
6. Observe Rect Transform's Pos Y value in Inspector.
7. Quit Play Mode.
8. Observe Rect Transform's Pos Y value in Inspector again.

Expected result: Pos Y value should stay 0.
Actual result: Pos Y value is 271.

Reproduced with:
5.6.0b1, 5.5.0p1, 5.5.0f3, 5.4.3f1, 5.4.1f1, 5.3.7p2, 5.3.0f4.

Comments (5)

  1. mrCharli3

    Apr 13, 2020 09:47

    Suuuuuuuper annoying, how can this possibly be no fix....

  2. atr0phy

    Oct 01, 2019 16:38

    Still an issue in 2019.2.3f1

    Content panel in scroll view decides to lurch either left or right every time I exit play mode

  3. Bergquist

    May 30, 2019 01:38

    Still a big issue in 2018.3.12f
    happens on both "autohide" and "autohide and expand viewport"

    Why is this a "Won't Fix?!"

  4. Dav38

    Mar 04, 2019 15:23

    Still a big problem in 2018.3.5f1
    It 's really frustrating to have a UI element always change position when we quit the Play Mode.

  5. stanel3ss

    Aug 08, 2018 12:21

    still in 2017.1.0f3
    happens when the scrollbar visibility is "autohide and expand viewport" in the scroll view, does not happen on "autohide"
    why is this "Won't Fix" :/

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