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[UI] Clicking on `Swatches` text on Color Picker doesn't toggle the group layout

Editor - Other



Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

Swatches group in new Color picker doesn't toggle when clicked on `Swatches` text. Instead, user needs to click on the triangle icon on the left side of the text to expand or shrink it.

Steps for reproduction:
1) Download the attached project below and open the scene `t1`
Create a new project
2) In hierarchy, find Directional Light and its color parameter
3) Click on the color bar
4) This opens the color picker. Find `Swatches` title at the bottom of Color Picker
5) Click on `Swatches` text
6) Observe that it doesn't expand the layout group

- Clicking on triangles expand the group but for consistency reasons, it should also work when the text is clicked
- Not a regression
- See the images attached below for details

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