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[UI] [Android/iOS] Changing Image FillAmount causes freeze on small world space Canvas on mobile



To reproduce:
1) Open attached project
2) Build and run on mobile device
3) Wait a bit
4) When Canvas will become 10x10, the app will freeze

DUT: Google Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1)
iPad Air 2 (iOS 8.1)

Regression first appeared in 5.3.3p1

Comments (11)

  1. D70cb608b9ed305775456cff5b98eab4?d=mm


    Dec 20, 2016 04:52

    ROTHANAN's workaround does work.. I just set my canvas' RenderMode into WorldSpace and then it does not crash anymore when image.fillAmount starts firing in the script.. No need to scale the canvas to a specific size.

    Issue still exists in 5.3.4f1(personal). I can't believe this is marked as fixed.. How disappointing.

  2. D6eebdb322645ded8f2e78f533c195d7?d=mm


    Dec 07, 2016 08:47

    Issue still persists, causing freezes in APK's built with Unity 5.3.4f1 Personal.

  3. Ba6404aa833dd993b81c744edf80c003?d=mm


    Oct 03, 2016 12:52

    Still happens on 5.4.1f1, not fixed.

  4. F4fe908c65c2340ff0ec09b13ff9fa4c?d=mm


    Aug 08, 2016 13:57

    Work around: have a World Canvas with a H and W of 11. Then, adjust the images to be the size you want. It worked for my purposes.

  5. F4fe908c65c2340ff0ec09b13ff9fa4c?d=mm


    Aug 08, 2016 13:14

    5.4.0f3 getting the same freeze

  6. B70be5d23c0a4255ee079feb1a433c9e?d=mm


    Jul 29, 2016 22:25

    Still true in Unity 5.4.0f3

  7. 7051a3a7f6ea8ddd40f842677de11ab4?d=mm


    Jul 21, 2016 10:50

    Still happens in unity 5.4.0f1

  8. 8f356ebb1b2eb81dcfa42974d4f2d308?d=mm


    Jul 11, 2016 03:49

    The issue says "fixed in 5.3.7," but 5.3.7 doesn't exist, as you can see here:

  9. 8f356ebb1b2eb81dcfa42974d4f2d308?d=mm


    Jul 11, 2016 03:47

    I am also experiencing this really weird issue with 5.3.4f1.

    Game works fine on OSX, once uploaded to Android the sets to fillAmount work a random # of times before freezing. To clarify, this doesn't cause a crash or exit - it causes the game to freeze for several seconds. Then the game will run again, with the same issue after another random number of sets to fillAmount.

  10. A6740ed54e9e7e361f31bd4a98dac82b?d=mm

    Synergy88 Digital

    Jun 30, 2016 04:26

    Any updates on this one?

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