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Two Crashes related to AnimatorController



Steps to reproduce first crash:
1. Open attached project's scene "Scene1".
2. Assign "AMP" override controller to Hierarchy/Character/AMP.
3. Unity crashes.

Note: Override Controller does not have link to any Animator Controller. If it's set to any controller Unity no longer crashes

Stack trace's upper line: AnimatorOverrideController::GetBehaviours

Reproduced with 5.2.0a1 (bbf5f292fe79, 5.2.0f3 (7708b7092ef5) and 5.3.0a3 (f8fce16f3b0f). No repro on 5.1.3p3 (f0a33a6ef422)

Steps to reproduce second crash:
1. Open the same scene.
2. Enter play mode.
3. Press space multiple times rapidly.
4. Unity crashes.

Stack trace's upper line: AnimationPlayable::ConnectNoTopologyChange

Reproduced with 5.2.0b1 (687f34698e37), 5.2.0f3 (7708b7092ef5) and 5.3.0a3 (f8fce16f3b0f). No repro on 5.1.3p3 (f0a33a6ef422) and 5.2.0a4 (7747a2c50081)

Tested on Windows 10.

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