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[tvOS] PlayFullScreenMovie broken on Apple TV



To Reproduce:

1. Build and run the attached project on an Apple TV.
2. Click PlayVideoMinimal to play a video (or any other mode).
3. Observe that:
- the video is not started automatically (you just get a black screen)
- none of the Siri remote buttons work (Menu, Play etc...)
- so there is no way to close the video
- the touchpad works to some extent so it's possible to scroll the clip (which means that it's actually loaded).

This is not reproducible on iOS with the same project

Comments (2)

  1. E1da5a30b15fad0673b3cf1a5f499a8d?d=mm


    Jul 25, 2019 08:36

    I, unfortunately, also had problems with Apple TV, until I turned to the guys from tv covers store

  2. 706cd77aa79073874e428bc15eaf2825?d=mm


    May 28, 2019 17:38

    Do check out the app. The app is only available for Android and not for iOS.

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