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[Shaders] Transparent shader writes into DepthNormals texture, because materials sometimes cache RenderType setting




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

Reproduction steps("video" attached):
1. Open attached project.
2. Select "Assets/Art/Transparent_Writes_Normals.mat".
3. Notice it uses the "Particles/Additive" shader.
4. Open and play "Assets/Scene.unity".
5. Open "Window/Frame" Debugger and enable it.
6. Select "RenderDeferred.ForwardObjectsIntoDepthNormals" node in Frame Debugger.

Actual behavior:
* Red plane renders with the "Particles/Additive" shader into DepthNormals.
* Green plane doesn't render with the "Particles/Additive" shader into DepthNormals.

Expected behavior:
* Materials should use the RenderType as specified in the shader.

* Issue is probably related to materials that have a cached "RenderType" value, which is set to "TransparentCutout" (the assigned shader does not use this RenderType though), which then renders the objects into DepthNormals.
* Changing the RenderType in a shader has no impact, if that value is cached in the material already.
* Created a separate case for the unremovable "RenderType" entry issue(807163).

Reproduces with: trunk,5.4,5.3. Possibly regression since 5.1 or so.

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