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Transitioning to an empty state causes layers to not blend properly



How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project (
2. Open scene demo.unity
3. Play the scene
4. Hit the 'Attack' button
- Note how the character performs an attack animation and then gets stuck on the last frame of the animation while transitioning to an empty state

Comments (9)

  1. 2815f66ff047438994b28458f35124f0?d=mm


    Oct 22, 2015 22:09

    Hello everybody !

    The last update 5.2.2 f1 fixes this issue !

    Thank you.

  2. 2815f66ff047438994b28458f35124f0?d=mm


    Oct 22, 2015 03:53

    The problem with this is the new approach in Unity 5.x to the animation states and their default values processing, at least that is what I have gathered from this post:

    However, the problem originates when you want the animator to transition into an empty state. If the state you are transitioning from or to is an empty state, what happens is your character gets frozen in the last frame of the animation it is transitioning FROM for an entire transition period, and then jumps into the first frame of the animation it is transitioning TO once the transition is complete. Which IS a problem in many cases.

    Right now I'm looking for a work around this issue, without having to rebuild an entire animator controller.

    Please update this post if you have found a solution.

    Thank you.

  3. 34195996ac929eaf073fec1287c1cd8a?d=mm


    Oct 15, 2015 19:21

    The problem persisted for us, until we checked the "Write Defaults" box in the Inspector in the Empty state. Hope that helps.

  4. 921879ce82ea9f4a44c4dfa79b5e1962?d=mm


    Oct 10, 2015 15:56

    I still have this problem in 5.2.1f1

  5. B8b9ee84c25ac62d295a9aef91d94e14?d=mm


    Oct 10, 2015 15:55

    Still have this problem in 5.2.1f1

  6. 5fcf000f7e779959583e139a53f559ce?d=mm


    Oct 09, 2015 11:09

    Using 5.2.1 f1 and it still happens.

  7. 2815f66ff047438994b28458f35124f0?d=mm


    Oct 08, 2015 20:06

    The issue us NOT fixed, it is still present in Unity 5.2.1 f1

    Please review, thank you.

  8. 2038ca9693bab9796a58adb4b47c3d71?d=mm


    Sep 26, 2015 00:38

    Sorry to say but this is fix is still a bug. I'm having issues transitioning smoothly from an animation to an empty state. The animation snaps from and to the empty state, not blending at all.

  9. Ce4ca0fec40baf2773f6f4c10ea56352?d=mm


    Sep 23, 2015 16:50

    Is this really fixed in 5.2.1? I'm getting issues a lot like this still.

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