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[Trails Module] Particle sub emitter trails glitch out if system simulation is paused and rewinded



Rewinding a system with a subemitter using trails causes the trails to glitch out.

Repro steps:
1. Open Scene1 from the attached project
2. Select the Explosion particle system in the hierarchy and simulate it
3. Pause the system around the 1 second mark and rewind it slowly back to about 0.17 seconds
4. Observe visual artefacts. Zoom out in the scene view to make them even more prominent.

- not a regression, happens in 5.5.2p4
- seems like trails have to be coming from a sub emitter; could not repro otherwise

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  1. bravo075

    May 22, 2018 19:29

    I have this exact issue on Unity 5.6, sub emitters emit a graphic glitch on an explosion particle.

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