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[TMP][Vulkan]Memory consumption is around 1GB(expected around 250 MB) when writing Glyphs to the Atlas Texture at Runtime

Package: TextMeshPro


1. Open the user's attached project "TextMesh Pro - Unity Trunk (Production).zip"
2. Navigate to Project-> Assets and click on the TextMeshPro asset
3. In the Inspector window under the Generation Settings enable "Clear Dynamic Data On Build"(this option should be the last one under generation settings)
4. Build the project with Developer build and Autoconnect profiler options enabled
5. Launch the app while the device is connected to a profiler
6. Click on the Memory section

Expected results: "System Used Memory" is around 250 MB
Actual results: "System Used Memory" is around 1GB

Reproducible with: 2019.4.24f1(2.1.6), 2020.3.4f1(3.0.6), 2021.1.3f1(3.0.6), 2021.2.0a12(3.0.6)
Unable to test with: 2018.4 due to project breaking

Reproducible devices:
N/A, Huawei - (ELS-NX9), Android 10, CPU: NOT FOUND, GPU: Mali-G76
VLNQA00264, Samsung Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F), Android 10, CPU: NOT FOUND, GPU: Mali-G76
VLNQA00279, Samsung Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975U), Android 9, CPU: Snapdragon 855 SM8150, GPU: Adreno (TM) 640

Not Reproducible devices:
VLNQA00189 iPhone SE 11.4.1Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister PowerVR GT7600 (six-core graphics)
VLNQA00201 iPad mini 4 11.4 Dual-core 1.5 GHz Typhoon PowerVR GX6450 (quad-core graphics)

- For this issue to reproduce "Clear Dynamic Data On Build" must be enabled
- This reproduces with Vulkan on Android and in the Editor
- Unable to test with windows Standalone player due to profile always fail to connect
- Does not reproduce with OpenGles3, OpenGles2, Direct3D11, and Metal

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