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[Timeline] Prefabs can not blend with blendShape property when they are used with Timeline



Using timeline and prefabs can sometimes throw warnings in the console and reset the transformation values of a prefab. This warning is displayed in the console:Could not register property modification for animation binding blendShape.blendShape4.BLW_SMILE2 of object BLW_DEF, modification.

Steps for reproduction:

1) Open scene `test01`
2) Open `PlaneTimeline` asset in Timeline tab.
3) In Hierarchy, find `unitychan` game object and change its position
4) Enter play mode
5) Exit play mode
6) Observe that `Could not register property modification for animation binding blendShape.blendShape4.BLW_SMILE1 of object BLW_DEF, modifications will not be automatically reverted` error is thrown and the position of Unity chan is reset.

- Sometimes moving `unitychan` game object and clicking on `Timeline` gameobject in hierarchy throws the same error when Timeline and Scene views are both open (please see the GIF below for that)
- Not a regression

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