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[Timeline] Initial scale of gameobject is not recorded while creating animation from timeline.



Initial scale of the game object is not recorded while creating animation through the timeline. The scale is recorded once the user makes some changes.

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Create a cube.
2. Open the timeline window.
3. Select cube in hierarchy, while timeline is open.
4. Select the create button on timeline to create a animation clip.
5. Start the recording button on the timeline.
6. Move the game object and observe keyframes are added for that change in position.
7. Move the play-head a bit further and change the scale of the game object.
8. Stop the recording and play.
9. Observe that the final scale of the game object is taken as the default scale.

Expected Result:
The initial scale of the game object should be recorded.

Actual result:
The first change in scale of the game object is recorded as the default scale.

Occurring on: 20148.2.0b5, 20148.2.0b4, 2017.3.0f3

Environment: Windows and Mac

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