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Tile's Sprite becomes stretched when imported with 2D Animation package installed

Package: 2D Animation


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project named "Case_1146955"
2. Open the SampleScene and Observe the Scene view

Expected result: Tile's Sprite is behaving normally
Actual result: Tile's Sprite is stretched out

Not reproducible with: 2018.3.0a1, 2018.3.0b9
Reproducible with: 2018.3.0b10, 2018.3.14f1, 2018.4.0f1, 2019.1.1f1
Could not test with: 2017.4, 2019.2, 2019.3

1. Could not test with 2017.4 due to a lack of a Package manager
2. Could not test with any of the 2019.2 or 2019.3 versions due to an error message which is thrown right after 2D Animation package is installed
3. The issue appears when using 2D Animation 2.0.0-preview.2
4. If the 2D Animation package was imported after the Tile's Sprite, Reimporting all assets will break it

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  1. Rijicho_nl

    May 03, 2019 13:40

    The issue also appears when using 2D Animation 2.1.0-preview.2 (on Unity 2019.1).

    Why is the voting for this disabled...?
    The source issue of duplication, which is resolved, seems different from this one.

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