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[TextMesh] When the font character is not set to Dynamic the alignment is higher by one line in the Y axis

Graphics - General


Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project
2. Open the "test" scene
3. Notice that the gameObject "New Text BAD" is aligned higher by one line than the center (although its anchor is set to middle center)
4. Change the font "MinionPro-BoldCn" character to Dynamic and apply
5. The text is now centered correctly

Actual result: The text will be aligned higher by one line in the Y axis.

Expected result: The text should be aligned correctly (in the middle).

Regression starts form: 5.3.0a2 (84bd1f731781)

Comments (12)

  1. phd2991

    Apr 13, 2017 08:12

    Still happen in 5.5.2f1

  2. Tivec

    Feb 29, 2016 07:04

    Just wanted to make a note that the problem still persists in 5.3.3p1. Just updated this morning and the font I have imported is still offset.

    Here is a sample of how it looks in word, putting the fonts side by side on the same line:

    This is in my game, with two text components with the same y value:

  3. fcloss

    Jan 11, 2016 16:47

    This report is now becoming the mother of all duplicates! The issue exists, we try to reopen it as new issue, they close and point to this one, marked is resolved when not. I want one link as not resolved so i can have the small hope of someone working on this. Please Unity, that is not right!

  4. c0nstan

    Jan 11, 2016 13:52

    Still not fixed in 5.3.1p1, but my report was closed because of duplicate.

  5. doinglu

    Jan 04, 2016 21:16

    it is not fixed for our project in 5.3.1f1 personal

  6. deekpyro

    Dec 28, 2015 08:50

    This issue is not fixed for me with 5.3.1p1

  7. Neonlyte

    Dec 24, 2015 04:33

    This issue persists in 5.3.1p1

  8. rene.gebauer

    Dec 21, 2015 16:27

    Just tried in 5.3.1f1 and in our project still not fixed ...

  9. NoHalfMeasures

    Dec 21, 2015 13:51

    This Issue is not Fixed in 5.3.1f1 either....

    What's the point in an Issues tracker if your just going to mark the issue as resolved when it is clearly not....

  10. Sir-Thorgeir

    Dec 15, 2015 16:56

    This issue is still present in 5.3.0f4

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