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Text appears as white blocks when camera set to screen space camera with low plane distance

Package: TextMeshPro


1. Add 3d object to the scene
2. Add a TMP object
3. Set camera to screen space camera and plane distance to 0.03 or less and near clipping plane =0.01
Expected result: text appears above the 3d object
Actual result: text appears as white blocks

  1. Resolution Note:

    This behavior is the result of the changes to the plane distance and clipping plane where this results in the Canvas scale being incredibly small where we end up in floating point precision / rounding territory when trying to update the SDF Scale.

    The current precision is 0.0001f when checking for potential RectTransform dimension changes. When using this incredibly small Canvas scale, we end up with a scale smaller than 0.00005 which as stated above gets us into floating point precision limitations.

    The solution is to adjust the scale of the scene and objects as to use a more reasonable scale overall.

    See the following reply to the user on the forum.

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