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Texel validity scene view mode crashes



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open [^]
2. Open Scenes > SampleScene.unity
3. Go to Window > Rendering > Lighting
4. Click Generate Lighting
5. Go to the Scene View
6. Select the Texel Validity scene view mode

1. Open any project
2. Create a new scene
3. Put a single cube into the scene, and mark it as static
4. Bake lighting (Window > Rendering > Lighting > Generate Lighting)
5. Wait for the bake to finish
6. Switch to texel validity scene view mode using the dropdown in the top right of the scene view

Expected result: No crash.
Actual result: The editor crashes!

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Stack trace (thread with crash):
     Unity.dll!memcpy_repmovs() Line 114    Unknown
>    Unity.dll!BakeJobGenerateValidityTexture::Execute(bool * abort) Line 44    C++
     Unity.dll!`anonymous namespace'::ProcessJobs(BakeContextManager::JobStatus & status) Line 76    C++
     Unity.dll!BakeContextManager::UpdateFunction() Line 391    C++
     Unity.dll!BakeContextManager::DispatchUpdateFunction(void * userData) Line 266    C++
     Unity.dll!Thread::RunThreadWrapper(void * ptr) Line 113    C++
     [External Code]    

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.1.0a17):

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