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Terrain - changing brush stroke parameters is not undoable via Edit > Undo



Using built in Terrain (not terrain tools package) changing the paint brush size or opacity in the inspector are not undoable actions. Other in the inspector like changing the transform values are undoable via Edit > Undo menu.

1. open a new scene
2. add a terrain object to the hierarchy and select it
3. from the inspector, select paint terrain tab
4. select raise or lower terrain
5. change the value brush size or opacity
6. try and undo the brush size or opacity changes

you can't, the changes are not registered on the undo stack

expected results
you are able to restore previous brush size and opacity via Edit > Undo, as you can when you change the transform parameters for the terrain object


Version: 2021.2.0b7.3246
Revision: 2021.2/staging f7def5121c60
Built: Tue, 03 Aug 2021 09:47:25 GMT

  1. Resolution Note:

    Marking "By Design" as not adding parameter changes to the undo stack follows the Photoshop principle where brush parameter changes aren't undoable. Having the parameters added to the undo stack could make undoing between paint operations bothersome.

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