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[Substances][Bake&Discard] Material is rendered completely black if we choose Bake and Discard from the inspector



- Launch Unity and load the attached project
- Select the substance asset and in the inspector choose Bake and discard substance and click apply
- Now make a build and notice that the material is rendered completely black

This does not happen all the time, it seems to be related to the caching because once it gets rendered then it would always gets rendered.

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  1. alexzzzz

    Mar 09, 2016 19:50

    I've notices that no matter what load behavior I set, all the substances stay completely black in the editor until I select a substance in the project panel to trigger its recalculation. Once it's recalculated it works fine until I restart the editor. So, each time I restart the editor I have to select all my substances one by one to turn their look from pitch black to normal. It's annoying as hell.


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