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[StaticBatching] Loading static meshes from AssetBundles results in heavy artifacting of textures

Asset Bundles


Steps to reproduce:
1. Download the latest attached stripped down project "" (newest ownCloud link)
2. Extract it under C:\_SRC_ (create _SRC_ if necessary)
3. Open the project
4. Enter play mode
5. Wait until the scene "Highwayland" from assetbundles loads
6. Open the Scene view
7. Look at the grass textures

Expected result: grass textures loaded from assetbundle appear normal
Actual result: the textures get rendered with very noticeable artifacts

Reproduced on: 5.4.2p3, 5.4.4f1
Unable to test other versions. 5.5 breaks the whole scene's textures, 5.3 is missing required commands

-highwayland\common\highwayland_ and highwayland_.manifest assetbundles do not have Statc Batching enabled, and switching to those(by changing the names to not include "_" "fixes" the problem
-Gameobjects with most textures noticeable broken are Hi_Res_Part_004, 005 and 006, though user notes that they are broken a bit different each time.
-The project is currently set-up in a way that highwayland\common is treated as an AssetBundle server, and the project needs to be put in C:\_SRC_ to work

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