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[Standalone] When scene is loaded using additive mode SpriteRenderer loses connection to changes

Scene Management


How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project ""
2. Open and play Demo_Self-Playing scene
3. Hit Escape key
- Main Menu scene is loaded additively
4. Click on Character Pool button
5. Click on Create Character button
6. Change avatar's Skin Colour using arrows in the scene (you can change all other appearance settings)
-Notice the avatar's skin color changes
7. Build the project (Demo_Self-Playing and Main Menu scenes)
8. Repeat 2-6 steps
-Notice avatar's Skin Color doesn't change, even though, GUI text in the left shows that color is changing

- Project has AllGO scene where both scenes are merged - issue doesn't exist.
- When loading scene using LoadSceneMode.Single - issue doesn't exist.

Reproducible: 5.4.0b24, 5.4.2f1, 5.5.0b9 Win and OSX

  1. Resolution Note:

    Sample project is not in good enough state to debug, please submit a project without errors.

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