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[Standalone] Corrupted textures in a huge project

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Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached "Stripped4" Unity project(4gb file).
2. Open and play "Physics Based Tank Controller/Scene/Demo Scene 2" scene.
3. Look around and notice how the textures looks (Pic attached).
4. Build and run this scene.
5. Repeat step 3.

Reproduced with: 5.3.2p4, 5.3.4p2
Couldn't test it with 5.2 and 5.4 because of errors.
Duplicate case has repro on: 5.4.1p2, 5.5.0a1

Not reproducible by:
- Creating animation with 2300 one pixel sized sprites in an empty project.
- Adding 2300 materials into resources folder in an empty project.

- It appears that the number of textures in the game makes no difference. It is the size of those textures. Unity can apparently only use 4gb of compressed textures. Our guess is that the issue is a 32 file pointer.
- Player log attached.

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    Jan 25, 2018

    We are aware of the problems users are facing.
    We currently have a limit of 4gb that applies to all our assets.
    You can read the details here:

    We are working on improving things although this is not a simple issue and is being treated as future feature development, it is not something we can fix as a bug (sorry no backport).

    If you are having these issues we recommend you look into asset bundles, they have significant advantages when working with very large projects.

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