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Sprites reference both the original Sprite assets and Sprite Atlas resulting in increased memory usage



How to reproduce:
1. Play the attached "" project's SampleScene
2. In the Profiler window go to Memory view in Detailed mode
3. Click Take Sample: Editor
4. In the batch viewer go to Assets -> Texture2D
5. Notice the entries for both the Sprite Atlas and each individual Sprite asset

Expected result: Sprites only reference the Sprite Atlas
Actual result: Sprites reference the Sprite Atlas and the original Sprite assets

Reproducible with: 2017.2.3p3, 2017.4.9f1, 2018.1.9f1, 2018.2.5f1, 2018.3.0a9

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2018.3):

    fixed in 2018.3.14f1, 2019.1.0a4

Comments (5)

  1. SplashFoxGames

    May 23, 2019 19:25

    anyone tried to reproduce it in 2019.2.a14 ? or 2019.2 betas

  2. Kjaka

    May 20, 2019 17:21

    Having this issue in 2019.1.1f1

  3. juannieto

    Apr 16, 2019 22:56

    Backport in progress, the fix will be available on 2018.3.14f1

  4. tcvpromo

    Mar 13, 2019 13:42

    And make backport to 2018.3 pls....

  5. phulcyplayful

    Mar 04, 2019 13:58

    Any chance of this fix going in to 2017.4?

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